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Nail Enhancements

We offer a range of gel and acrylic nail extensions to suit individual needs and styles. We use the highest quality products to ensure the best results possible. If you can’t decide between having acrylic nails fitted, or whether to opt for the gel variety, why not call into the salon and ask for advice on the benefits of each nail type. It could be just what you need when you are trying to decide on the type of artificial nail that will be right for you.


Calgel Nail Extensions


Calgel is a semi-permanent gel system available in a variety of colours to perfectly match your desired look. Calgel is a thin flexible and durable gel system which is ideal for use on your natural nails and can be used to create nail extensions by using tips or gel sculptures. Calgel is perfect for long lasting colour on fingers and toes and will last up to 6 weeks giving you smudge proof lasting colour polish while protecting your natural nails. Calgel also adds strength to the natural nail and offers chip free nail colour that can be safely and quickly soaked off to leave clean and damage free nails.


Attraction Acrylic Nail Extensions


Acrylic Nail Enhancements are the original and strongest artificial nail enhancement available. Attraction Acrylic System from NSI is the most advanced powder and liquid system available. The powders are a unique blend available in a range of radiant colour options which provide exceptional adhesion, strength and flexibility. Attraction Acrylic System can be applied over tips for either a natural tip or a white French tip. It can also be applied as an overlay directly onto the natural nail bed, which is great for clients who have long nails to begin with, but want extra strength and protection from breaks.


Infills and Rebalancing


As the natural nail grows, new nail plate appears creating a gap between the cuticle and the nail enhancement. The enhancement starts to look unnatural, becomes unbalanced and is more likely to break. Rebalancing involves infilling the new growth area and re-shaping the nail to strengthen it and return its natural appearance. You should revisit the salon every 2 to 3 weeks for infills, rebalancing and general maintenance.